Digital Presence & Making An Impact

Social Gravity and Brand Orbit

 Because it's not just a digital web, it's a galaxy. Getting your business noticed is a full-time job.

The main problems facing websites and e-commerce is assisting viewers when they are in the process of converting into the sales are:
  • Branding & Recognition
  • Interest & Attraction
  • Customer interaction 
Once traffic arrives at your site:
  • Relevant product placement
  • Thoughtful keyword inclusion
  • Ease of navigation
  • Visibility.

Conversions occur when those factors are working together.

 The best way to start is to schedule an appointment to talk about your needs

Using the Market Cycle

Relentless traditional advertising techniques grind at the consumer daily. It's time to take the techniques, re-purpose the tools and make them useful in the world once again.

By focusing on brand reputation, along with giving back to the customer, advertising can be circulated, and given to cause effective sales conversions.

The key:
  • Thoughtful use of touch point
  • Mindful placement of the brand

How Consumers Shop and Browse Shapes the Market

Merchants who can adapt to the flow, will be better seen by hungry markets looking for goods and services.

Marketing requires adaptive learning, and adjusting forms of reaching consumers.

Touch points have evolved. They need to be cultivated to include technologies that are becoming established in the mainstream marketplace.

What used to be a lost lead ad, is now a cost per conversion. Better targeting, with less physical waste.

Never leave their side

By grabbing your market at their smartphones, business can take advantage of being just a few touches away.

Things like:
  • Smartphone ordering without needing a separate app
  • Pick-up at the store or delivery
  • Online inventory checking
The goal for business, is to get ahead and make the connection available.

Moving forward with technology

By embracing digital changes into your business, a step is taken towards unifying your particular store. Save time and money by saving steps and creating a centralized inventory that can be linked-up and integrated with many different sales platforms. Do it once, and do it right, that way you aren't repeating and re-uploading your nights away.

A history of planning for the future

Since 2007, we have been partners with Google, quietly working to bring exposure to the businesses that would be the early adopters of our now more commonplace services and information sources.

In 2017, we joined Shopify as experts in the realm of XML-based e-commerce. In the year following we launched our first top 3% store. With the backbone that Shopify provides to e-commerce, we are helping stores, restaurants, retail and manufacturing into a digitally centered hub of traffic and consumer involvement.

We can be messaged on Google Maps, Facebook, or called. There's a message box as well on the contact page.